Ready to be amazed by DupDub's incredible voice cloning technology

  • Real Voice
    Cloned Voice
  • Real Voice
    Cloned Voice
  • Real Voice
    Cloned Voice
Voice samples are just for demonstration.
The ultimate voice cloning solution
With DupDub, you can enjoy the perfect blend of simplicity, speed, and unrivaled efficiency in every
aspect of your creative projects, specially cloning your voice.
  • Upload audio and video file for voice cloning
    Streamlined and efficient
    Wave goodbye to long waiting times or an overwhelming number of samples. All you need to do is upload a audio clip, and your replicated sound will be good to go.
  • Authentic cloned voice for communicate with your audience
    Authentic and exceptional
    Revolutionize the way you communicate and engage with your audience by giving you super-realistic and unrivaled voice cloning results.
  • Cross language voice generation
    Cross-language voice generation
    We support 29 languages and 50+ accents. Clone your voice in a language and freely generate speech in other supported languages.
  • Secure and private AI voice cloning
    Secure and private
    We obey AI-generated ethics and have implemented stringent measures that restrict voice cloning solely to your own voice.
Supported cross-language voice cloning languages:
Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian
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Clone voices in a snap with DupDub's easy process
Forget about waiting for hours or even days to obtain cloned samples. With DupDub, just a matter of seconds is sufficient to acquire an astonishingly authentic cloned voice.
Upload a file
mp3, wav, mp4, mov
Record your voice
Capture with DupDub
Wait a few seconds
Get voice cloned!
Replicate the speaking style, accent, and any nuances within the voice
Harness the power of cloned voices to empower your projects
  • Create Outstanding Voiceovers In The Blink Of An Eye
    Create outstanding voiceovers in the blink of an eye
    Transform your text into your replicated voiceover with our voice editor. Modify the audio to absolute perfection by tailoring the speed, pitch, tone, intervals, and much more.
  • Create talking avatars with your cloned voice
    Create talking avatars with your cloned voice
    Easily enhance your creativity by uploading a photo and selecting from a range of cloned voices. Craft an extraordinary and truly unique persona that sets you apart from the rest.
  • Convert subtitles into the cloned voice dubbing
    Convert subtitles into the cloned-voice dubbing (coming soon)
    Enhance your video editing process by seamlessly synchronizing subtitles with your own clone-voiced voiceovers. Say goodbye to the need for additional time and energy spent on external voiceover recordings.
Let's see how various professionals utilize voice cloning
  • Emily (Podcaster)
    Producing my podcast is a time-consuming task, involving hours of recording and editing to ensure a pleasant listening experience. However, with the help of DupDub’s voice cloning, I can significantly streamline this process and easily rectify any speaking mistakes in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take and allow me to save a considerable amount of effort.
  • Smith (Youtuber)
    Voiceovers are crucial for engaging my YouTube viewers. It's important for my larger YouTube channels to give my content production team access to my channel's voice, even when I'm away. With my voice cloning on DupDub, creating content for my YouTube channel is effortless. No more stress from reshooting or editing lines under strict deadlines.
  • Daniel (Market worker)
    As a marketing professional, I know the impact of video and audio in capturing audience attention. However, scaling up advertising production can be costly and challenging. That's why I'm excited about voice clones.Thanks to DupDub, talent performance is expedited, ensuring consistent brand experiences as well as enhance marketing recognition and uphold our brand identity.
  • Isabella (Teacher)
    As an online course teacher, I understand the importance of enhancing the learning experience for my students through captivating voiceover narration. DupDub voice cloning service makes it incredibly easy to scale up E-Learning projects and bring scripts to life. And it allows for the regeneration of cloned voice lines within seconds, making it effortless to adapt to changing information and educational needs.